Invite friends and earn

The Miomi partners affiliate program gives 100 MIO for each invited friend who has verified their account. And also you get up to 40% of the income generated by the players you referred.

Everything is simple. The more players you refer, the more you earn. Incredible prospects for attracting a mass audience are opening up before you. You will be able to track the statistics of individual users and receive your tokens at any time.

How to become a partner

  • Create an account on
  • Open your profile and go to the Affiliate Program section. You will see your unique affiliate link. Each new player who registers on Miomi Game using your link will automatically bring you a lifetime profit of up to 40% of our platform earnings.
  • Share your affiliate link with potential players and earn with Miomi Game. Partners are given the opportunity to make branded tournaments and cups exclusively for your players.
  • The Miomi Game support service is always ready to help you make money in one of the most dynamically developing markets in the world.